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தீபாவளி அன்று வைக்க வேண்டிய மஹாலக்ஷ்மி விஷ்ணு திருவுருவ படம்

 தீபாவளி அன்று வைக்க வேண்டிய மஹாலக்ஷ்மி விஷ்ணு திருவுருவ படம். முக்கிய குறிப்பு : இந்த படம் தீபாவளி முதல் நாள் அன்று நீக்கப்பட்டு விடும். தேவையுள்ளோர் தரவிறக்கம் (DOWNLOAD) செய்து கொள்ளவும். 


 COWS IN RIG & ATHARVA VEDAS  In the Vedas, Cow is called Aditi, Dhenuvu, Aghnaaya and so on 'COW is referred in the Rig Veda multiple times, in Yajurveda multiple times, In Sama Veda multiple times, in Atharva Veda multiple times-absolute multiple times. Additionally, multiple times in Rg Veda, multiple times in Yajurveda, multiple times in Sama Veda and multiple times in Atharva Veda the word Aghnaaya explicitly routed to dairy animals. "Dhenu" is utilized multiple times in Rg Veda, numerous times in Yajurveda, multiple times in Sama Veda, numerous times in Atharva Veda. The significance of Dhenu is, which gives Trupti (Contentment and fulfilment).  FOR  MORE ARTICLES ON SPRITUAL, MONEY ATTRACTION :  https://www.occultremedies.com/ RIG VEDA:  Cows were imperative to Rig Vedic individuals, and a few psalms allude to more than ten thousand cows.  Apparatus Veda 7.95.2. what're more, different sections (for example 8.21.18) likewise notice that the Sarasvati locale

The Sacred in India, Rituals, Cosmogony, Vedic Doctrine

THE SACRED IN INDIA, RITUALS, COSMOGONY, VEDIC DOCTRINE History of Art and the Sacred: the Sacred in ancient India, rituals, cosmogony, Vedic doctrine. The supreme principle, One and Many. One of the most essential practices relates to the cult of Fire. The supreme principle, One and Many  In the Vedic period, between around 1500 BC and until the 3rd century BC, many sacrifices were practised in India… These offerings made to the gods accompany very elaborate ceremonies. Sometimes animals, especially horses, are sacrificed to ensure fertility and prosperity in the kingdom. As Mircea Eliade explains to us, the liturgy and rituals of ancient India are very elaborate and are based on The Rig-Veda, the Brahmanas and the Vedic Upanishads. As for the variety of cosmogonic stories, it seems to be the expression of a plurality of traditions. SACRED TEXTS OF ANCIENT INDIA The Rig-Veda (1028 hymns in Sanskrit): between 1500 years BC and 800 years BC. The Brahmanas (prose commentaries on the Veda

Pooja Vegda About Diksha : I got the Best out of Material Life

POOJA VEGDA ABOUT DIKSHA : I GOT THE BEST OUT OF MATERIAL LIFE Mitul wondered what he could achieve permanent, what he could take in death. "I understood that I had to devote myself to the soul and karma. The fact of having good parents, of being born intelligent or in good health, this is the result of good karmas achieved in a past life, affirms this young man with a calm gaze. This is how I chose to start a spiritual life. It means to stop chasing money and start helping people in a purely altruistic way. Help the poor, educate the illiterate and do it without expecting anything in return. Renowned cosmetic surgeon Pooja Vegda "got the best out of material life: fame and money," she admits. "It was the search for the truth that pushed me down this path. How long does Botox work? Three months ? she quips. Instead of enhancing faces, I now want to elevate my soul," summarizes this beautiful woman. The most challenging thing was to make her husband understand t

Indian Millionaire Take Vows of Poverty

 INDIAN MILLIONAIRE TAKE VOWS OF POVERTY A bourgeois residence in the Borivali district, north of Bombay: the drums come out first and start the fanfare which guides the great procession. The most senior devotees follow them in their finest clothes. The men, wearing cream turbans, wear long red tunics, the salwar kameez, under an off-white waistcoat, while their women walk gracefully in matching sarees. The first chariot emerges in the mild dawn and illuminates the gloomy street of this suburb; the chest covered with yellow gold glitter reflects the first rays of the sun. Perched on her throne, the resplendent Pooja Vegda smiles at the crowd like a queen for a day. His red shirt inlaid with fine gold embroidery is covered with five rows of pearls. On her wrists, dozens of sparkling bracelets. She put her hands together in prayer, kissing a sparkling yellow conch shell. On her long hair rests a tiara.   Pooja, 35-year-old married surgeon, abandons possessions and family ties Pooja

Tamil New Year Symbols in Hinduism

 TAMIL NEW YEAR SYMBOLS IN HINDUISM The banana The banana tree is a very sacred tree and all parts of the tree are used for one purpose or another. For example, the trunk of the banana is used to erect welcoming doors. The leaves are used to make the ceremonial pavilion. In some Pooja, the leaves are used to serve “Prashad” In some areas the banana tree is worshipped while performing Kadali Vrata or fast. According to tradition, during Vaisakha, Magha or Kartika Sukla chaturdasi, a banana tree is planted and nurtured until it bears fruit. It is said that the worship of the tree with flowers, fruits, etc. will help in the well-being of his family. It is an auspicious fruit.   Urine and cow dung Cow dung holds an important place in Hindu societies. In fact, sacred Hindu texts consider cow dung "as a purifier and an important source of religious and spiritual blessings." No function can be spiritual and religious in Hindu society without the use of cow dung and its urine

Introduction to Tarot Learn to Draw Cards with a Deck of 32

  INTRODUCTION TO TAROT LEARN TO DRAW CARDS WITH A DECK OF 32 Layout the cards and choose a draw Before you jump in, first remove cards 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 from your deck. Normally, you have 32 cards left. Carefully beat the game (about 7 times, preferably with your left hand) and present it face down. With your left hand, cut the deck (or have the person cut it if you're drawing the cards for someone).   Observe the cut: look at the bottom pile by flipping the package from left to right. Interpret the first card. Do the same with the top heap. The two interpreted cards reveal the general tendency of the draw.   Note that predictions can be fulfilled the day after your draw or within three months. Remember that it is important to match the cards together, to read horizontally and vertically, to let your intuition speak, and to tell a story.   The drawing of the fetish card This draw gives you the trend of the day or enlightens you if you have a decision to make. Shuf