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 In the Vedas, Cow is called Aditi, Dhenuvu, Aghnaaya and so on 'COW is referred in the Rig Veda multiple times, in Yajurveda multiple times, In Sama Veda multiple times, in Atharva Veda multiple times-absolute multiple times. Additionally, multiple times in Rg Veda, multiple times in Yajurveda, multiple times in Sama Veda and multiple times in Atharva Veda the word Aghnaaya explicitly routed to dairy animals. "Dhenu" is utilized multiple times in Rg Veda, numerous times in Yajurveda, multiple times in Sama Veda, numerous times in Atharva Veda. The significance of Dhenu is, which gives Trupti (Contentment and fulfilment). 




Cows were imperative to Rig Vedic individuals, and a few psalms allude to more than ten thousand cows. 

Apparatus Veda 7.95.2. what're more, different sections (for example 8.21.18) likewise notice that the Sarasvati locale poured milk and "heftiness" (ghee), showing that steers were grouped in this area. 

In the Rig Veda, the cows often figure as images of abundance, and in examination with stream goddesses, for example in 3.33.1cd, Like two splendid mother cows who lick their young, Vipas and Sutudri speed down their waters. 

In X.87.16 we discover One who participates in human tissue, the substance of a pony or another creature and denies others from milk by butchering cows; on the off chance that such a beast doesn't cease, at that point even remove their heads by your forces Oh ruler. 




As per Aurobindo, in the Rig Veda, the cows now and then represent "light" and "beams". Aurobindo composed that Aditi (the incomparable Prakriti/Nature power) is portrayed as dairy animals and the Deva or Purusha (the preeminent being/soul) as a bull. 

The Vedic god Indra is frequently contrasted with a bull. Waterways are regularly compared to cows in the Rigveda, Vyasa stated: Cows are hallowed. They are exemplifications of legitimacy. They are high and most effective chemicals of all. 

The whole 28th Sukta or Hymn of the sixth Mandal of Rigveda sings the greatness of dairy animals:

Everybody ought to guarantee that cows are liberated from tragedies and kept sound. 

God favours the individuals who deal with cows. 

Indeed, even the adversaries ought not to utilize any weapon on cows. 

Nobody should butcher dairy animals. 

Cow brings thriving and quality.

If cows keep sound and upbeat, people will likewise keep sickness free and prosperous.

May the cow eat green grass and pure water. May they not be slaughtered and carry thriving to us. 




Cow's body is spoken to by different devas and different subjects. 

VIII.6.23: Those who eat cooked or uncooked substance, who eat eggs and incipient organisms are following an insidious compulsion that must be put to an end. 

It is unquestionably a great sin to slaughter blameless people. Try not to murder our cows, ponies and individuals. - 10.1.29 

Goodness Goddess dairy animals you make a frail individual strong, you make a glowless unique wonderful and not just that you-; you with your propitious sounds make our homes favourable. {4.21}


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