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Indian Millionaire Take Vows of Poverty


A bourgeois residence in the Borivali district, north of Bombay: the drums come out first and start the fanfare which guides the great procession. The most senior devotees follow them in their finest clothes. The men, wearing cream turbans, wear long red tunics, the salwar kameez, under an off-white waistcoat, while their women walk gracefully in matching sarees. The first chariot emerges in the mild dawn and illuminates the gloomy street of this suburb; the chest covered with yellow gold glitter reflects the first rays of the sun. Perched on her throne, the resplendent Pooja Vegda smiles at the crowd like a queen for a day. His red shirt inlaid with fine gold embroidery is covered with five rows of pearls. On her wrists, dozens of sparkling bracelets. She put her hands together in prayer, kissing a sparkling yellow conch shell. On her long hair rests a tiara.


Pooja, 35-year-old married surgeon, abandons possessions and family ties

Pooja thus rushes, adorned with her most beautiful external signs of wealth, towards renouncing all materialism. On February 14, 2016, this cosmetic surgeon from one of the most famous clinics in the Indian financial capital will become a Jain monk. In a few hours, this 35-year-old married woman will give up all her possessions and family ties: her hair will be shaved, she will put on a seamless white sheet that will remain her only habit for the rest of her existence. Pooja will thus enter one of the strictest religious orders in the world, which advocates total detachment in the hope of achieving nirvana

The Jain community, originally from Rajasthan, is one of the richest and most influential in India. Its members make up only 0.4% of the population of this country, or 5.2 million people, but, highly educated and adept in business, they run some of the largest industrial or financial groups in India and abroad. - its diaspora, for example, controls the majority of the international diamond trade in Antwerp, Belgium. On this Valentine's Day, the world of money and that of counting come together and merge to consecrate the entry into the spiritual life of eight new monks during their initiation, the diksha. Young people aged 21 to 35, engineers, accountants or lawyers. There are 20,000 people arriving from all over the country and even from abroad to celebrate these coronations under a big tent. “Long live Mahavira! »Sing the devotees as they see the arrival of the first chariots carrying the future monks, chanting the name of the founding guide of this religion who, like Buddha, showed the way to enlightenment two thousand six hundred years ago.


Rules much stricter than Buddha

The two "awakened" are contemporaries and lived in neighboring areas of northern India, but Mahavira - or "great hero" - issued much stricter rules than Buddha. Non-violence extends to all living things and microorganisms. Orthodox Jains must therefore not eat onions, carrots or potatoes because these grow underground and harvesting them can kill an insect. The monks must cover their mouths with an eight-ply cotton veil to avoid swallowing it. Finally, they must not take any means of transport so as not to risk crushing a living organism. They therefore travel hundreds of kilometers each year on foot, with a white broom as their sole possession, which they use to gently remove insects from their path.


Pooja dismounts from his gleaming chariot and advances towards this ascetic destiny with a broad smile. A long platform stretches out in the middle of the crowd, like an initiatory path. She walks, accompanied by the other seven converts, towards the main stage where seven monks dressed in white await them, their heads shaved and their immaculate veils over their mouths. In recent years, Guru Dev, seated in the center, has been initiating them into the philosophy of Jainism. Today, they are convinced and mature enough to take the last step towards the total withdrawal from material life, which will lead them towards the elevation of the soul with the aim of ending the cycle of reincarnations. Radiant, they keep their heads held high. “When I was studying in the third year of engineering school, we had a subject called 'analyzes and planning', for which we made a lot of diagrams, says Mitul Mehta, one of the dikshartis, 25 years old, a few days before the ceremony. So I decided to make such a diagram of my life and plan my future: at 30, I will finish my MBA; at 40, I will start my own business ... Then I looked for where I should put the event called “death”. I realized that he could arrive tomorrow and that then all these efforts would be for nothing. " I realized that he could arrive tomorrow and that then all these efforts would be for nothing. " I realized that he could arrive tomorrow and that then all these efforts would be for nothing. "


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