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Tamil New Year Symbols in Hinduism


The banana

The banana tree is a very sacred tree and all parts of the tree are used for one purpose or another. For example, the trunk of the banana is used to erect welcoming doors. The leaves are used to make the ceremonial pavilion. In some Pooja, the leaves are used to serve “Prashad” In some areas the banana tree is worshipped while performing Kadali Vrata or fast. According to tradition, during Vaisakha, Magha or Kartika Sukla chaturdasi, a banana tree is planted and nurtured until it bears fruit. It is said that the worship of the tree with flowers, fruits, etc. will help in the well-being of his family. It is an auspicious fruit.


Urine and cow dung

Cow dung holds an important place in Hindu societies. In fact, sacred Hindu texts consider cow dung "as a purifier and an important source of religious and spiritual blessings." No function can be spiritual and religious in Hindu society without the use of cow dung and its urine, used as scents during special times. Urine is used to obtaining blessings from the supreme god, or the mother cow (Gao Mata). In addition to this, according to Hinduism, if the earth becomes unclean for any reason, it must be purified by cow dung. Today, many patients with AIDS take cow's urine. It is also said that people suffering from migraines and headaches for 15 years recovered within six months of taking this treatment. Testimonials show that it relieves tension or improves memory power. Cow urine has incredible germicidal power to kill varieties of germs. All germinal diseases are thus destroyed. According to Ayurveda, the cause of all diseases is the imbalance in three defects (tri-dosas), ie the mucous membrane, bile and air. Cow urine balances the tri-dosas, so illnesses are cured. Cow urine corrects the functioning of the liver. Thus, the liver makes the blood pure and healthy. It gives the body the power to resist disease. Cow's urine is a miraculous poison killer,



The coconut

The coconut represents the EGO. And also selfless service or karma yoga. In Bharat, one of the most common offerings is the coconut, and in many temples as well. It is offered for "homa" (fire ceremony): celebrants offer prescribed prayers before a fire for a particular intention. The coconut is broken and placed before the Lord. It is later distributed to devotees in the form of Prasad. (sacred gift, most often blessed food). The broken coconut symbolizes breaking the ego. The juice inside (represents the trends: the vasanas) is offered with the white flesh (representing the spirit) to the Lord. The spirit is thus purified by the touch of the Lord because it receives the Prasad. Traditional abhisheka rituals (consisting of bathing the statue of a God with milk, honey, sandalwood paste, or a mixture of fruits) consist of pouring milk, honey, coconut juice, ashes from the sandals, sacred ashes… on the statue. Each element has a specific meaning that allows certain benefits to be granted to the faithful. The coconut juice used during the rituals helps to promote the elevation of spiritual knowledge. The marks on the coconut represent 3-eyed Shiva and this explains that the coconut is seen as a way to make our wishes come true.




Among the Hindus the eyes of the coconut have a very philosophical meaning: they are the two physical eyes of man and his third eye is the symbol of consciousness. The coconut is also offered for weddings, the purchase of a new vehicle, a house, etc. In India, the coconut, narikela, has above all a strong symbolic value. It is one of the fruits and vegetables that the elephant-headed god Ganesh holds in his hand to signify that he is the master of all plants and the creator of medicinal plants. It is part of the emblems of the god and represents the fruit par excellence, the karmaphala. Each constituent element of the nut corresponds to an image: the shell represents the illusion of the world, its white flesh all our accumulated actions and its water inside, our egoism. By breaking it, we offer our heart to Ganesh. Every year in September in Paris, the Indian community pays homage to its god Ganesh, one of the most popular, during a gigantic procession. Bare-chested musicians and dancers celebrate Ganesh and loudly smash hundreds of coconuts on the ground. Water splashes and floods the roadway, like a sacred bath offered to the divinity, a purification rite or a way of bringing purity back to the order of the cosmos and to men. Sacrifice or offering, the men with the water of these burst nuts offer him their ego and Ganesh guarantees them in exchange a future without the cloud. " the men with the water of these burst nuts offer him their ego and Ganesh guarantees them in exchange a future without the cloud. " the men with the water of these burst nuts offer him their ego and Ganesh guarantees them in exchange a future without the cloud.




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